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2 April 2011

Loopy tealight holder

                                                                 Above: Without a light
Below: With a tealight

Above: The shadows on the wall.
Below: Detail.

Above: A normal candle can create different shadows on the table or surface on which the piece is sitting on.
Below:  Detail

Work on exhibition at Plymouth College of Art

                                                          Two glass mould blown pieces.

Loopy tealight and candle holders (not supposed to be on top of each other). Individual strips of clay cut and then wrapped round a cardboard tube then once hardened a bit slid off and then scored and slipped in place. I've had 4 people wanting one.

Work on exhibition at Plymouth College of Art

Three ceramic pots thrown on the potters wheel with sponged on black slip and butterflies scratched into them.
Large scale metals piece. Metal tubing cut in 2cm rings then cut in half then MIG welded on to a larger metal cylinder with a forged stand.