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29 September 2011

Commissioned Piece

I've made a vertical loopy vase for a customers' friends wedding gift. I am welcome to other commissions just email me and I'll get back to you.

A Successful Day Of Throwing

I've been throwing for almost a year now but have only been able to throw half a lb to 1 lb of clay. So when my tutor said to try and throw 1kg of clay I wasn't so sure it would work. However I gave it a go and I was suprised that I managed to centre it and keep it centred. So now for the future I am going to gently wean myself to throw bigger amounts of clay and also hopefully going to throw 2 part pots...

 above: terracotta clay
 above and below: stoneware clay

above: agateware pots.

21 September 2011

Agateware Thrown Pots

There was some recycled clay that I thought was normal B17 stoneware but when I sliced into it it revealed a marble pattern. I knew it was ok to throw with as I have seen someone throw with a mixture of clay and I was compleatly mesmerised. So cut a pound of clay and started to throw, the next day I returned to turn the pots. It was stunning to see the patterns appear and I would definately want to try in the future and continue with this wonderful technique. I would also like to try using either a mixture of colours together or one colour in different shades if it works...

19 September 2011

The Orange/Red Loopy Tea Light Holder

I went to Brickhouse Crafts in Silver End near Witham looking for glazes and oxides. I've wanted to try a red glaze and there was only this orange/red one there the test piece tile looked good but a bit bright. (I prefer the pastel, soft, natural colours) I thought I'd give it a go so I bought it. When I saw it on the table after it had came out of the kiln at first I didn't like it but now I love the texture how it looks old and tattered. Almost worn away. I especially love the texture of the bubbles.
 The orange/red glaze.
Detail of the texture
On its side.

Clarks Farm Greyhound Rescue Show 2011

This is the first stall I've had at an event and I was very pleased that I was at the entrance so everyone saw my work as they came through the gate. The paintings are mostly done by my sister Claire but I did paint two of them. I sold 2 pieces and 1 the next day.

Murky Green/Brown Tea Light Holders

Here's a pair of Loopy Tea Light Holders contact me for prices, different colours or sizes.

Loopy Wall Hangings / Centre Pieces

Above: Cream coloured
 Above: Murky green/brown.
Above (left to right) light blue, murky green/brown, blue with white flecks and (front) red.

Small Loopy Bowl

Here is a small loopy bowl please contact me if you would like to know prices for any of my pieces.

Loopy Pieces in The Woods

I wanted to take photos of my pieces in different places rather than on a black background so with all the autumn leaves starting to fall I thought it would be a nice background.

Small Loopy Sculpture

Pair of Small Loopy Sculptures (left and right) Medium Loopy Tea Light Holder (centre)

Small Loopy Sculpture (left) and Medium Loopy Tea Light Holder (right)

7 September 2011