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14 December 2011

The Green Wall Panel

Heres is the green one. I'm not too sure on the colours as they are very close to each other. I might play around with the shapes more possibly in rings or lines I'll experiment.

full view

close up

Finished Wall Panel

So here it is the porcelain circles wall panel in all its deserved glory. I've spray painted the 45cm x 45cm MDF board with satin black and then using a cardboard circle with a hole in the centre drew the design on the board and marked the middles of each circle. Once I had found the middle I then hammered in each of the 141 (I think) nails at the same height using a spirit level for accuracy. (The nails were going to be at different heights but the board was too thin the make it possible but I was more concerned about the gradiant) Then using Unibond no nails adhesive blobbed a bit on each nail and placed the circles on top. Overall I am very pleased with the piece and will be willing to make more (different sizes too) in the future; I love how some of the circles have got streaks of white in with the blue which was a happy accident. This piece will be for sale once I've had the assessment on the 16th January.

full view

view of the galvanised roofing nails


the centre

6 December 2011

Wall Panel Maquette

I had an idea to make a wall panel piece using porcelain with different amounts of copper oxide. The lighter green in the middle of the design gradually getting darker towards the outside due to the higher percentage of oxide. As the circles get darker and further outwards they will be raised up a bit on props. When and if I get round to making the actual piece it will be mounted on a wooden board with the porcelain circles on nails hammered in at different heights.
Below I have experimented with different patterns.

Sorry about the poor quality of photos they were taken on my phone.

the paper and card maquette
close up
close up
the props underneath