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22 February 2012

Crystalline Glazing

So I loaded and programmed my first crystalline glaze firing and I was expecting to get no crystal growth or they'd fall over in the kiln and stick to the walls or the glaze bubble and bloat. But I opened up the kiln lid and was i was grinning like the cheshire cat; I was so pleased with the results I think they are all beautiful especially the green one. I now have to gently tap the join of the pedestal and pot without the piece breaking the bottom.

14 February 2012

One Zero Nine PCA Pop-Up Shop

One Zero Nine is a pop-up shop in which Plymouth College of Art set up where students and local artists can sell their work. The National Diploma students have used it for their 'Design to Sell' project where they made pieces in different materials to sell for Christmas at the shop. At the moment the MA's work is being displayed with all the work for sale. The organiser came to college and wanted some other work to be displayed too where he approached me and other people to mave our work displayed in fridges (yes, it does sound weird but it works!) So the work is being displayed in One Zero Nine, Cornwall Street, Plymouth near the indoor market from the 11th-16th February. Look on the map below.

9 February 2012

Porcelain Beakers

Here's a photo of some on-going work that will be for sale at the Clothes Swap and the Easter Craft Fair too. It is slipcast porcelain with a celdon blue (pale blue colour) glaze fired to 1260°c in a reduction firing.

4 February 2012

3 Part Vessels

Here's a photo of the 3 three-part-vessels turned and stamped with my initials on the bottom.

3 February 2012

Two, Three and Four Part Pots

So after spending a week trying to build up my throwing skills to what they were before the Christmas Holidays I have now succeded and want to make larger pots for the new project Final Major Project at College. I am hoping to experiment with crystalline glazes  but first I need pots to put the glazes on. Therefore I have been making 2,3 and 4 part pots and been experimenting with their forms. Obviously some do need trimming down a bit.

Here's an example of crystalline glazes for those who don't know what
I'm on about...

 Here's my experiments...