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26 March 2012

Crystalline Glazed Bottle Shapes

Here's some photos of my latest crystalline glazed pieces. They are stoneware bottles tallest one 31cm by 10cm in diameter I am really pleased with them as I thought that it wouldn't work as crystalline glazing best suits a porcelain body for its whiteness and pure body. They will be for sale after my assessment near the end of May so email me if you are interested any of them

Manganese Dioxide 
 Copper Oxide
Cobalt Oxide

18 March 2012

PCA Easter Craft Fair

Don't forget the PCA Easter Craft Fair is on Saturday 24th March 10am-2pm at Plymouth College of Art. I will be selling my ceramic work starting at £2.50-£30 so come on down there will be other stalls there such as handmade gifts, crafts, ceramics, jewellery, cake, coffee, prints, clothes and much more. Come and support local artists and students selling their work!

9 March 2012

Crystalline Ring and Pendant

One of my glaze test piecs fell on the floor and broke so instead of throwing it out I wanted to reuse it in some way either by making a mosaic or jewellery. Because of the inside was a black background with light blue crystals on top I decided to make some rings and pendants using the pieces. Although I am not the best jeweller in the world I did learn some techniques last year that I remembered and put to good use. Over the next few weeks I will try and improve the techniques and make it look more professional and everyday wareable looking.

I didn't make the chain

Porcelain Badges

Here's a little teaser of what will be for sale at the Easter Craft fair at Plymouth College of Art on Saturday 24th March 10am-2pm