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28 May 2012

Bovey Tracey Contemporary Craft Festival

I have got some of my Crystalline Glaze pieces for sale at The Contemporary Craft Festival in Bovey Tracey they will probably be on the Plymouth College of Art stand.

New Designers

Third year students at Plymouth College of Art are raising money for them to go to New Designers in London in June. They are holding an auction at Ocean Studios and I have donated one of my loopy ceramic vases to be auctioned off. There are other pieces to bid for such as glass pieces by Lawrence West and jewellery by Maria Whetman. Please have a look on the link provided and bid for whatever pieces you like. All money raised goes to the New Designers Fund to get PCA thrid year students to London!

22 May 2012

Final Pieces with Crystalline Glazes

So here they are the long awaited and beautiful final pieces for my Final Major Project.

 Glaze 11 and Copper Oxide

 Glaze 32 and Cobalt Oxide

 Glaze 11 and Black Iron Oxide

Glaze 11 and Cobalt Oxide 

9 May 2012

Ceramic Pieces Ready To Sell

I thought I'd post a photo of all of my ceramic pieces that I have at home ready to sell so please don't be afraid to get in contact with me though e-mail if you would like to purchase any pieces.
Prices range from £6-£80.

5 May 2012

Final Design for FMP

So after a bit of thinking and a few ideas popping into my head whilst trying to sleep I've come up with 2 shapes that I think will suit the crystalling glazes. The first shape is a shallow cylinder shape with walls that are slanted in slightly in 2 different sizes. The other shape is a dome but with a base and an opening at the top. This piece will be on a table and be crystalline glazed on the inside. Hopefully people will want to pick up the pieces, feel them and look inside to see the beautiful glaze. From a distance I am hoping for the viewers to think and wonder what is so special about that pot and then when they get closer they will then see that it has a beautiful and complicated glaze on the inside.

Crystalline Glazed Dishes

I made 15 dishes in some bisque moulds and wanted to do something with them using the 3 glazes that I want to use for my final design/piece. So I thought I'd try and create a wall piece using them. They came out of the kiln and 2 of them got stuck to the cookies that were under them because there were small cracks in them so the runny glaze seeped through. Then 1 broke so I was left with 3 of 1 colour, 4 of another colour and 5 of the other colour.

Black Iron Oxide

Copper Oxide

Cobalt and Manganese Dioxide