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22 December 2012

Gradation Blue Disks Piece

This was just a little tester piece that I wanted to see if I could achieve a colour gradation. I have used porcelain and cobalt oxide. I should have sieved the oxide into the clay as it has gone speckley which is not what I wanted but it was an experiment. I would next use lesser quantities of the oxide or go to a stain instead to solve the speckley problem.

close up

the tester disks

Repeat Forms

Here's some more of my work which I am going to take forward to my final show hopefully!

5 thrown cylinders the same diameter so they can fit on top of each other to make one tall cylinder which measures approx 48cm (the tallest one I've made so far.)

on top of each other

Attaching the disks to the cylinder. Smaller ones at the bottom then getting bigger towards the middle then smaller again. There's going to be two of this construction so it will make the pot look curvy even though it's straight.

Starting the next section. You can already see it going in out in out which is what I wanted.

From above

The joining method

The finished piece. I am very pleased with it was it has worked how I wanted it to. I now just need to glaze it somehow because I don't like glazing my work as I feel like it a glaze can ruin the piece.

It took about 20 hours and just over 400 different sized disks. I would like to experiment with coloured clay next to get a gradation so that way I would only need to lightly spray glaze it transparent.