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15 December 2013

Back Into The Swing Of Things...

I am in the process of making new collections and building up a stock ready for the New Year which is lined up with exhibitions, trade fairs and a few days exploring Germany squeezed in! I have ordered some more porcelain and coloured stain as I am running out of some colours and completely out of porcelain. 

It is 7 weeks until I will be exhibiting at Ambiente, Frankfurt in the Talents section. 7th-11th February at Messe Frankfurt Exhibition Grounds. Starting to get organised (and a little bit stressed) and ordering postcards and I have also made a video of myself making a piece, which I have then edited on the computer to speed it up a lot so instead of taking 90 minutes to watch it now only takes 8 minutes! So visitors can see how I make my work and will hopefully appreciate the time that goes in to each piece; as the disks are cut individually and put on to the cylinder one by one!

26 November 2013

Commission Piece

This piece was a commission I received from Plymouth College of Art Summer Show. After 2 failed attempts to make it, the third time was a success. The problem was that the Fuchsia colour was burning out at 1240 and 1220 degrees even though it could go to 1250 degrees. But I like a challenge and after a bit more tinkering I won the battle! It just shows that things can go wrong with firings and you need to be determined to make things work!

25 November 2013

'Class of 2013' Exhibition

My work is on display at The National Centre for Craft and Design at Sleaford, Lincolnshire. Myself and seventeen recent graduates of 2013 across the UK will be exhibiting our work of different mediums.

'Class of 2013 is a unique, annual NCCD showcase of the exciting and diverse artwork emerging from our universities showing in our Roof Gallery. Every year our curators tour regional degree shows and the New Designers exhibition in London to source the cream of the crop of graduating talent.
This year, exhibition curators Laura Mabbutt and Naomi Law have searched for "artists with fresh ideas, who have mastered their chosen medium to a high standard whilst creating something unique and inspiring". This year's chosen selection explores the theme of function in objects.'

Open to the public until 19th January 10am - 5pm everyday. The National Centre for Craft and Design, Navigation Wharf, Carre Street, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England, NG34 7TW

11 November 2013

Work On Display...

Here's an image of my ceramic work on display at 'Shapes in Transition' at Sleeping Dogs in Hamburg. Exhibition ends 20th November.

24 October 2013

A New Design

I've been a bit quiet lately. Responding to emails, attempting to get back on to the swing of making and most importantly graduating from Plymouth College of Art with a 2:1 Ba (Hons) in Ceramics.

But I have made a piece. Still staying with my style but instead of the same sized disks I've used different sizes to create a curved piece. The disks are attached to a straight cylinder.

7 October 2013

Images From Designersblock Edition 16

Here's some images from Designersblock Edition 16 at Southbank Centre Festival Undercroft where I was exhibiting 19th-22nd September.

All Set Up.

Curious People.

Opening Night (above and below)

It was a great atmosphere, with friendly exhibitors and members of the public which made it less stressful as it was my first exhibition after graduating from Plymouth College of Art.

Many people commented on my work and were shocked to learn how each piece is made. Adults and children wanted to touch the pieces, as the concept is running a hand along a fence, but I saw some parents tell their children not to touch.

On Thursday and Friday there were school trips. Most were well behaved but there was the odd group that were misbehaving, thinking it would be a good idea to play-fight in front of my work, swinging their arms and backpacks about, one knocked the trestle leg with his shoe and another picked up a piece and started shaking it. Luckily nothing was broken but I told them to move away.

In the future I would probably have the smaller pieces on a taller table/plinth as people had look down on them and bend their backs.

1 October 2013

New Collection...

I have recently exhibited this collection at Designersblock in London, last month. Many people liked them including my course leader and ceramic technician; which was a surprise to see them there. These photos were taken when they were fresh out of the kiln hence the cluttered background. More professional photos will appear on my website when I get round to taking photos of them end of this month.

20 September 2013

DesignersBlock Edition 16

DesignersBlock Edition 16 exhibiton is now open to the public. Work by emerging and established designers at Southbank Centre Royal Festival Hall and Fesitval Undercroft.

6 September 2013

Designersblock X Artsthread Q&A Interview // Website Connected

It's 11 days till the Private view of Designersblock and Artsthread at The London Design Festival. My new business cards arrived today and they look great. It's open 19th September - 22nd September to the public at Southbank Centre. Register entry on the first link below its free.

Also here's the interview with me about what I will be exhibiting and hope to achieve through this opportunity.

On a celebratory note this is my 100th post! So I thought it would be a great opportunity to launch my website as it is now connected to my domain name.

So here it is my NEW WEBSITE

1 September 2013

Comments From Visitors To Plymouth College of Art Summer Show 2013

Thought I'd share with you some comments that the public wrote in my comments book at Plymouth College of Art Summer Show in June 2013.

'Best In Show. Exceptional work, Extremely impressed.' Sarah James - The Contemporary Craft Festival, Bovey Tracy.

'Well Done - definitely Best in Show! All the best see you at Bovey' Emma - Textiles Lecturer at PCA.

'Really lovely work - beautifully and precisely executed. L.Wilby

'Absolute perfection and a real credit to your "living" in college. All the hours you've put in. Keep at it and keep off the chocolate.' Moira - PCA Ceramics Graduate 2012.

'Well Done Ruth - professional, elegant and impressive!' Rosie - Project Coordinator at PCA.

30 August 2013

Exhibiting at Southbank Centre With Designersblock X Artsthread

I am pleased to announce that I am exhibiting at Southbank Centre, London, in collaboration with Designersblock and Artsthread. I will be showing my degree work as well as a new collection. Open to the public from 19th - 22nd September. Entry is free but you need to register entry by visiting the first link below then clicking 'register for entry' below the Facebook and Twitter icons.

26 August 2013

Website Up And Running

I have a new website up and running which will hopefully be more professional than a blog. I will still keep the blog and use it as work in progress / new ideas / drawings etc place.
Anyway here's my website
In the near future I will connect it to my domain name and I will let you know the new address when it's linked up.

18 August 2013

PCA Graduate Work at Cornwall Design Fair 2013

Plymouth College of Art recently exhibited some graduates work at the Cornwall Design Fair at Trereife House 16th-18th August 2013.

5 August 2013

Drake Circus Pop-Up Shop

If you missed the Summer Show at Plymouth College of Art You have a second opportunity to see all kinds of work by recently graduated art students. The art college has rented out the old Apple store in Drake Circus and filled it with different departments of work. It's open till the end of August so pop along and support the new fresh talent in Plymouth.

My degree work in the Pop-Up Shop in Drake Circus.

4 August 2013

New Designs on Photoshop

I've never really used Photoshop before as I prefer drawing by hand. So I've spent the weekend having a little play and getting familiar with it. Tomorrow I will be collecting my colour test pieces from my friends kiln which I am using as I don't have one myself...yet. Hopefully they have came out how I imagine it.

25 July 2013

New Ideas Means New Colour Tests

I've decided to try out using two or three colours in one piece. For a few hours today I have been making some colour tests and writing everything that I have done down so I don't get confused or find a colour that I really like, but didn't write down the percentages of colours. So line blending two colours rather than one colour with white to get a single gradient. I would like to try a light blue and light grey together. Also maybe sunset colours. But I do need to be careful not to over do it on the colour as it could ruin the piece.

2 July 2013

New Designers 26th-29th June 2013

After the success of the Summer Show at Plymouth College of Art things could only keep going up. It was an amazing experience one that I won't forget. Many people were drawn to my sculptural pieces and wanted to touch them too which was brilliant. I now need to start emailing people back and get making as I never want to stop! I am also in the process of getting a website together too which will be more professional than a blog so keep your eyes out on here for the launch date!

My Work at New Designers

Someone touching the pieces

The stand all set out ready for Wednesday's opening.

22 June 2013

Success of Plymouth College of Art Degree Show

It was an amazing atmosphere at Plymouth College of Art Degree Show last night. So many people commenting on my work and my fellow students too. It made all the stress and breakdowns worth it to hear people's views and opinions. A huge thank you to the people who turned up and hope to hear from you in the future!

18 June 2013


I now have got my packaging done. Using my rubber stamp to create bands of my logo around the cylinders.
Tomorrow I will need to rub out the pencil lines when the paint is 100% dry.

16 June 2013

Preparations for Summer Show and New Designers

We are in the process of getting the Contemporary Crafts workshops cleared out and to an exhibition standard ready for Summer Show on Friday 21st June. It will be open to public on Saturday 22nd 10am-3pm and Monday 24th- Thursday 27th 10am-6pm.
I am also getting my promotional material together and my packaging sorted. Exciting times!

15 June 2013


I've decided to take the plunge and join artsthread an online portfolio for creatives and industry. To view my finished work please follow this link Thank you.

5 June 2013

Coloured Gradient Strip Collection

Here's my final collection for my last project. They will be on display at the Summer Show at Plymouth College of Art from 22nd -27th June 2013. 22nd 10am-3pm 24th-27th 10am-6pm

12 May 2013

A Slight Error...

During my feedback for my first part of this final project I was advised to be more ambitious in scale so I took this on board and the largest kiln we have at college is 98cm tall. So I spent 50 hours three bags of porcelain and 1258 disks making a 93cm piece. Dan the technician placed it in the kiln as it was very heavy for me to carry. It was fired over the weekend and I came in on the Monday only to find it had fallen over in the kiln and landed in the back right corner causing some damage to the disks at the top and bottom. It has shrunk to 81cm. Naturally I was devastated that it had not worked as it can't stand up by itself. But the silver lining is that I like the curve to it and has lead to other ideas and has made me look at my work in a more architectural sense. I will make it again but fire it to a lower temperature as we think that the reason that it fell was that when porcelain is fired to high temperatures it gets unstable and wobbly. So firing it at lower temperature and having kiln shelves propped around it so if it does fall it will lean against the shelf which will lean against the kiln wall. Hopefully.... watch this space!

Red Gradient

One of my finished pieces. It has a subtle red gradient to it which is what I wanted. I've used porcelain clay and it measures 38cm tall.

Colour Tests

Experimenting with colour, slip inlay and textures. 

16 March 2013

Experiments for Repeat Forms

Below is a green gradient piece using porcelain clay. I did test the gradient before using it and it was a very nice subtle gradation but it had somehow turned out different again so I will need to go back to the proportions and work out where I went wrong. However I do like how it was worked as it has highlighted that strip. I may experiment with adding colour to the inside of the cylinder too possibly a contrasting colour to the outside colour used.

Here I have just used plain porcelain and using two different glazes. Firstly I sprayed it transparent glaze and then a very short quick spray of a matt cobalt glaze. Again I like how it had highlighted that specific section and you can see the direction of the glaze too. However it cracked (from top to bottom in almost a perfect line) during the firing process this was probably due to where I score the lines to attach the disks I scored too deep and it caused a stress point in the firing. 

Fired Sculptural Form

The fired piece from the previous post entitled 'Repeat Forms' published on 22nd December. Using different sized disks attached to a straight cylinder to create a sculptural piece.