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16 March 2013

Experiments for Repeat Forms

Below is a green gradient piece using porcelain clay. I did test the gradient before using it and it was a very nice subtle gradation but it had somehow turned out different again so I will need to go back to the proportions and work out where I went wrong. However I do like how it was worked as it has highlighted that strip. I may experiment with adding colour to the inside of the cylinder too possibly a contrasting colour to the outside colour used.

Here I have just used plain porcelain and using two different glazes. Firstly I sprayed it transparent glaze and then a very short quick spray of a matt cobalt glaze. Again I like how it had highlighted that specific section and you can see the direction of the glaze too. However it cracked (from top to bottom in almost a perfect line) during the firing process this was probably due to where I score the lines to attach the disks I scored too deep and it caused a stress point in the firing. 

Fired Sculptural Form

The fired piece from the previous post entitled 'Repeat Forms' published on 22nd December. Using different sized disks attached to a straight cylinder to create a sculptural piece.