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30 August 2013

Exhibiting at Southbank Centre With Designersblock X Artsthread

I am pleased to announce that I am exhibiting at Southbank Centre, London, in collaboration with Designersblock and Artsthread. I will be showing my degree work as well as a new collection. Open to the public from 19th - 22nd September. Entry is free but you need to register entry by visiting the first link below then clicking 'register for entry' below the Facebook and Twitter icons.

26 August 2013

Website Up And Running

I have a new website up and running which will hopefully be more professional than a blog. I will still keep the blog and use it as work in progress / new ideas / drawings etc place.
Anyway here's my website
In the near future I will connect it to my domain name and I will let you know the new address when it's linked up.

18 August 2013

PCA Graduate Work at Cornwall Design Fair 2013

Plymouth College of Art recently exhibited some graduates work at the Cornwall Design Fair at Trereife House 16th-18th August 2013.

5 August 2013

Drake Circus Pop-Up Shop

If you missed the Summer Show at Plymouth College of Art You have a second opportunity to see all kinds of work by recently graduated art students. The art college has rented out the old Apple store in Drake Circus and filled it with different departments of work. It's open till the end of August so pop along and support the new fresh talent in Plymouth.

My degree work in the Pop-Up Shop in Drake Circus.

4 August 2013

New Designs on Photoshop

I've never really used Photoshop before as I prefer drawing by hand. So I've spent the weekend having a little play and getting familiar with it. Tomorrow I will be collecting my colour test pieces from my friends kiln which I am using as I don't have one myself...yet. Hopefully they have came out how I imagine it.