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24 October 2013

A New Design

I've been a bit quiet lately. Responding to emails, attempting to get back on to the swing of making and most importantly graduating from Plymouth College of Art with a 2:1 Ba (Hons) in Ceramics.

But I have made a piece. Still staying with my style but instead of the same sized disks I've used different sizes to create a curved piece. The disks are attached to a straight cylinder.

7 October 2013

Images From Designersblock Edition 16

Here's some images from Designersblock Edition 16 at Southbank Centre Festival Undercroft where I was exhibiting 19th-22nd September.

All Set Up.

Curious People.

Opening Night (above and below)

It was a great atmosphere, with friendly exhibitors and members of the public which made it less stressful as it was my first exhibition after graduating from Plymouth College of Art.

Many people commented on my work and were shocked to learn how each piece is made. Adults and children wanted to touch the pieces, as the concept is running a hand along a fence, but I saw some parents tell their children not to touch.

On Thursday and Friday there were school trips. Most were well behaved but there was the odd group that were misbehaving, thinking it would be a good idea to play-fight in front of my work, swinging their arms and backpacks about, one knocked the trestle leg with his shoe and another picked up a piece and started shaking it. Luckily nothing was broken but I told them to move away.

In the future I would probably have the smaller pieces on a taller table/plinth as people had look down on them and bend their backs.

1 October 2013

New Collection...

I have recently exhibited this collection at Designersblock in London, last month. Many people liked them including my course leader and ceramic technician; which was a surprise to see them there. These photos were taken when they were fresh out of the kiln hence the cluttered background. More professional photos will appear on my website when I get round to taking photos of them end of this month.